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Epirus, beautiful, historic – but also contemporary – is famed for the options it offers in terms of entertainment, since life after dark is so much more intense and acquires a whole new meaning.   There are many choices, tailored for all ages and all tastes. In every city, town, and village, there are charming, cozy places where a visitor can enjoy his coffee, an herbal tea, or a glass of wine in winter,  an iced beverage in the summer, before or after an excellent meal at the restaurant of his choice. For those who like to combine their evening out with fine food, there are all kinds of places in the most attractive parts of the cities – tavernas with fresh fish from the lakes and rivers or from the sea, spots for a tsipouro accompanied by traditional mezedes (hors d’oeuvre), tavernas serving dishes prepared with local meats, as well as restaurants offering fine dishes from traditional and international cuisines, superb delicacies for more refined palates. Of course, for those on the run, there is no lack of places to have a pizza or other type of fast food! Modern café-bars are found mainly in the cities, along the seashore, in the historic centers where the atmosphere is  more charming, in the marketplace close to the shops, as well as in other even more idyllic spots, where a visitor can relax and take it easy. Attractive, trendy venues, with live music and a welcoming atmosphere, many in renovated old buildings or warehouses, draw anyone who wants relaxing, quality entertainment with good Greek music and a friendly crowd. For fans of foreign music, there are plenty of classic and contemporary bars and, for the more eclectic, those into jazz and rock, there are hangouts in areas with lots of local color that make one’s evenings unforgettable.  Frenzied entertainment can be had in clubs and nightspots with live music, where the fun has no end and the dancing goes on into the early hours of the morning. Alternatively, special  events are frequently organized where the visitor can dance to the sounds and rhythms of Latin, tango, contemporary foreign, and Greek music, either live or with professional DJ’s – indoors in clubs and bars in winter, outdoors at beach bars, in café-bars and open-air theaters in the summer.